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The Weekly Dispatch – Sick Hold

What’s a sick hold?
When you book off due to sickness or injury, you can place a six (6) hour hold on your next (or any subsequent) flight assignment. You must inform crew scheduling of your desire to place a sick hold on a pairing. If you don’t book back on at least six (6) hours prior to the flight’s departure, your pairing will be made available to open flying. (B7.01.01)

If the six (6) hour hold is placed on any pairing other than your next scheduled pairing (a subsequent pairing), all pairings between the date of your book off and the pairing on sick hold will automatically be considered as open flying and awarded accordingly.


  • If you book off sick and place a hold on your next flight you have up until six (6) hours prior to that flight to determine your fitness to fly and book back on.
  • If you do not put a sick hold on your next pairing, it will be released into open flying at 10:00am the day prior to the scheduled flight.

L55.11.05 Sick Leave – Twelve (12) Hour Hold: When an Employee books off, s/he may place a twelve (12) hour hold on his/her next or subsequent flight(s). His/her flight will be considered as open flying if s/he has not booked twelve (12) hours prior to departure. If the twelve (12) hour hold is placed on other than his/her next flight, the flights between his/her book off and that flight will automatically be considered as open flying and awarded accordingly. 

NOTE: Twelve (12) hour holds may only be placed on the start of a sequence.

UPDATE on Rouge Disability Leave Process
On January 19, 2024, we reported to you the process for Rouge Short and Long-Term disability claims. There has been a change in practice.  Benefits through Canada Life for book offs exceeding seven (7) days is no longer a mandatory requirement. There is still a requirement to substantiate your absence with Occupational Health Services (OHS) but applying for Short Term Disability is no longer mandatory.