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The Weekly Dispatch – The Different Types of Grievances

There are different types of grievances filed by the local Union and the Component.  They are, for the most part, individual, group and/or policy grievances. If you have questions about a grievance that you may want to pursue, we encourage you to reach out to your local office. They are an amazing resource and can guide you through the process and advise you as to whether there are grounds for a grievance.  They are the ones who can file the grievance and are very knowledgeable about the possibility of a grievance. Bringing this information to them also helps the Union to be aware of systemic issues for which a policy grievance may need to be filed.

In the case of an individual grievance, the subject-matter of the grievance is personal to the employee. These are filed by your local office.

For example: a member was not paid correctly for a specific pairing.

A group grievance is filed when several individual grievances are brought forward as a single complaint; one grievance is filed, and all the names of affected individuals are attached. These are filed by your local office.

For example: a group of members at your local on a specific pairing are not being paid the check-in/check-out gratuity allowance properly.

A policy grievance is a complaint by the union that the action(s) of management (or its failure or refusal to act) is a violation of the agreement. This could affect all who are covered by the agreement. These are filed by the Component.

For example: the company has failed to follow the definition of a “downtown” hotel when it chose hotel accommodations.