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The Weekly Dispatch – Wage Indemnity/Disability Leave Application Process

There will be times in your career when you are not able to work due to illness. The job of a Flight Attendant can be difficult, and a little time off can help members to heal and recover. The Wage Indemnity Plan (“WIP”) is described in Article 22.05 of the Collective Agreement.  WIP is a plan held by the Union, through its WIP Board of Trustees, and is currently administered by a third-party provider, Manion Wilkins.  WIP is paid for by the Air Canada Component of CUPE Wage Indemnity Plan Trust Fund. You can find more information about WIP on our website or mobile app.

Website > Resources > WIP Claim Forms & Return to Work Process

Mobile App: Resources > WIP Claim Forms & Return to Work Process

For members at Mainline as soon as you know you will be off work for more than 7 days you will need to file an application to be considered for wage loss benefits. Your 7-day elimination period commences from the date of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve. The entire process can be found on our website via the following path:

Member Resources > W.I.P. Claim Forms and Return to Work > Complete Initial Application Package

Your completed application must be received within 30 days of your first flight missed or first reserve day missed, if on reserve.

Some of our members are new to the Short and Long-Term disability process for Rouge. We hope the information below will help.

Absences longer than seven (7) days at Air Canada Rouge are handled by our health insurance provider, Canada Life. You are required to complete a Short-Term Disability Application Form from Canada Life anytime you are booked off for 8 consecutive days or longer. Information surrounding short term and long-term disability can be found in ePub (P 61). Forms that are applicable to your book-off must be completed and submitted to Canada Life directly within 45 days of your book off. These forms are available at ACaeronet > Rouge > In-Flight Service > Human Resources Tools & Forms > Great West Life Forms > Short Term Disability Employee Statement.

After your application is sent to Canada Life, you should inform Rouge’s benefits department by emailing, including your employee number, full name, and the date of your book off.