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The Weekly Dispatch – Who Reports?

Many people seem to be under the impression that it falls solely upon the In-Charge or the Captain to file reports for incidents on behalf of the entire crew, including but not limited to disruptive passengers.

Don’t assume that someone else has reported an incident that affects your health and safety or that of your colleagues.

Don’t assume that someone else’s report captures your specific experience, concerns and observations related to an incident. These might be crucial to avoiding repeat events!

Under SMS and the Canada Labour Code Part II, it is every employee’s responsibility to report matters of health and safety to the company. The company has a safety and reporting policy that is non-punitive,  except for cases of unlawfulness, gross negligence and willful intent (see your manual chapter 1).

Remember that at ML, your employee health and safety representatives are only copied on health and safety complaints and workplace injury illness e-reports. Other reports (CAB, DPAX etc…), may be provided but will be heavily de-identified, preventing any follow-up with you, the worker.

The SIMS/AQD reporting system can be accessed:

  • Via the in-charge iPad AQD app (ML) – Ensure to identify who the actual reporter is in your report.
  • By going to on any computer (ML)
  • The e-reporting app (ML): ePub>Admin. Procedures>Cabin Mobility>iMenu>eReporting app
  • By going to Aeronet>Safety>To submit a safety or security report (ML) or Aeronet> AQD portal  (Rouge)

The web-based system is often not compatible with mobile browsers. You should contact your base health and safety manager should you require further assistance, and never hesitate to reach out to the Union who can facilitate this connection.