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Toronto ART in Montreal & How to Claim – Compensation for SD’s doing ART

Toronto ART in Montreal –
How to Claim – Mainline Air Canada

The union has had many members reach out about expenses while in training away from base.  We have confirmed that the following is the proper method of having your expenses claimed and paid out.
Members need to itemize the per diem expense(s) being claimed.  Boarding passes, if applicable, should also be attached to this form, confirming your travel times.
Please click HERE for a copy of the company expense form – ACF151.
Once completed, you must sign under claimant signature and submit the form to the base manager for approval.
The base manager will verify and approve the form which will then be sent to CREWPAY and processed accordingly.
If you run into any concerns, please reach out to your local Union or manager.

Compensation for SD’s doing ART

In April 2011, Air Canada changed how Service Directors were to be paid for Ground Duties, including Annual Recurrent Training (ART).  They were paid only the narrow body rate of pay regardless of the type of flying that they normally perform.   Prior to April 2011 Service Directors were paid the rate that most closely reflected the type of flying that they performed, narrow body, wide body or a prorated rate including both. The Union grieved this and was successful in arbitration in 2014.
Arbitrator Kaplan agreed with the Union and produced the following award dated September 18, 2014:
Grievance CHQ-11-98 is resolved. Affected flight attendants (Service Directors) have sixty days from today’s date to file claims for incorrect rate of pay for ART from April 1, 2011 until today’s date. Going forward, affected flight attendants (Service Directors) will be compensated at the applicable MMG rate of pay during ART.
It has come to the Union’s attention that in some circumstances the Company has not been correctly paying as per the decision above, they are aware of this error and will make the corrections as required. If you need to file a pay claim, please do so and follow up with your local office if you are not compensated correctly.
In solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE