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Trip Trade At Rouge

Dear Rouge members,
A number of you have recently written to me asking whether or not the upcoming Mainline Automated Trip Trade system would ever make its way to rouge.
As I mentioned in the last few videos and webinars, while Trip Trade was an item negotiated for Mainline specifically, we’ve been repeatedly lobbying the Company with the goal of eventually bringing Trip Trade to our rouge members also. We’re happy to report that the Company is taking no issue with our request, and despite the fact that rouge Automated Trip Trade is not outlined in the Collective Agreement, Air Canada is open to implementing Trip Trade for rouge Crew at some point in the near future, once rouge’s new Netline system is up and running. Please see the attached letter from the Company confirming their willingness to do so (Click HERE to view).
We’re very eager to see the positive impact our new Trip Trade system will have on the working lives of our members across the system. In the meantime, if you’d like to have more information about the Trip Trade system, please view our recently-recorded video where Component Vice-President Edith Gagnon and I provide greater detail about this system.
In solidarity,
Michel Cournoyer
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE