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Uniform Update – Dresswear And Sleepwear

Please see below an update from Air Canada that was sent to your Uniform Committee:

Based on your feedback, we are reintroducing the additional two company-paid white shirts/blouses to employees who did not take advantage of the opportunity offered in 2018. This applies to employees who wear the dresswear and concierge uniforms.

How to order
If you didn’t order and receive your two additional shirts/blouses in 2018, please order them through the Unisync website by September 30, 2019.

Please note, orders placed by June 30th will be filled first, and will be shipped to employees in late November. Orders placed after June 30th will be shipped at a later date based on inventory availability.

Your Uniform Committee, along with the Component Officers, have been working on the Sleepwear and are happy to advise that the Company will be issuing the Sleepwear to all employees, block holders and reserve, free of charge.

For our members in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, please log onto the site and place your order.  These orders will be sent to your Unisync office for pickup.  For members in Calgary, your sleepwear will be sent to your home address on file.

Please note, this is not happening automatically, you need to go online and place your order.

If you have any questions, please email:

Thank you,

Your Component Uniform Committee