days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Unpaid Work Won’t Fly Campaign Update

Your Union Executive wants to take some time to thank YOU, the membership for your incredible support for the Airline Division Campaign. It was truly inspirational to see our colleagues from other airlines join shoulder to shoulder with us to raise awareness for this very important issue.

There were hundreds that joined at all bases to kick this campaign off!

The turnout was so gratifying, and it was great to see so many colleagues old and new.  We are truly on the path to great things. We know that every journey starts with one step, and each respective airline local is on their own journey to bargaining but it helps to have so many supportive and engaged colleagues with us in spirit and solidarity. We will succeed with our collective initiative. We have patience, courage and perseverance and will celebrate the day that all of us are paid for the work we do.

As the Campaign grows, we will grow in numbers as well, we need to educate the public and the government on this initiative of free work. You will see more come from the Airline Division soon. Thank you again for all YOU did in making this day a HUGE success!

In solidarity,

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