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Unreasonable Service Level Increases – New Grievance Filed

As a follow up to our last bulletin issued about workload increases on November 15, 2019 (click HERE to view), and after receiving reports from concerned members about the recent announcements of further increased service levels, the Union has filed a policy grievance (click HERE to view).

We are at work first and foremost to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Any time our workload is increased without a corresponding increase in crew complement, our ability to safely complete our tasks is invariably affected.  Because we all take pride in the service we provide, there is a natural tendency to try to get the job done despite the challenging conditions.

We would like to remind you that the extra effort should never come at the expense of our safety responsibilities. Many an accident/incident investigation has concluded that the crew member should have “exercised more caution” when carrying out his or her duties. The fact is that if you are rushing your duties and injure yourself or someone else, you will be held accountable. Service guidelines should never be ignored, but safety must always come first.

Remember to work at a comfortable pace, always take your full contractual crew rest entitlements, and make sure to eat and stay hydrated.

If any portions of service cannot be completed, the Service Director should be filing the required report.

We need your assistance in gathering evidence for our recently filed grievance. Please send your detailed statements to and also remember to always fill out health and safety complaints (H&S Concern forms/e-reports) if you notice any safety concerns as a result of these new service increases.

In solidarity,