days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Update From Your Component Officers

Your Component Executive along with the Local offices have been inundated with the amount of questions that have come in. We understand that these are difficult times and we are working hard to get answers to all of your questions.

We have been in discussions with the Company today and they will be coming out with a full Question & Answer package to explain “off-duty status” and what will occur for the April 2020 block month. The information provided will be for members at both Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. Once that package is received, we will also be forwarding it out from the Air Canada Component to ensure that all members have it in a timely fashion.

Please remember going forward that any options will be communicated through your Air Canada email, so we encourage you to ensure that it is active. You can find directions on how to access your Air Canada email on ACAeronet.

For our Rouge members we completely understand that this time is unsettling however the union has no further update with regards to the plans of Air Canada Rouge beyond April 2020.

For our Mainline members the primary concern seems to be with regards to the “off-duty status” for April 2020. We want to confirm that if you applied for the special leave of absence (SLPOA) or if you are thinking of applying for the “off-duty status” on a voluntary basis, that this will only be applicable for April 2020.  Further mitigations and reductions will take place for May 2020 onwards and Article 17 and LOU 60.05 of the Collective Agreement will be in full effect.
In Solidarity,