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Updated Employee Checklist & Bidding To Avoid Specific Destinations

Due to the deadline on the recall, there may be inaccuracies in the Employee Checklist found in the block bid package for the October block month. Please refer to the Employee Checklist available on ACaéronet under >In-Flight Service >Crew Scheduling & Planning >Block Bid Package for the final version of the document.

For crew who prefer to not operate specific transborder or international destinations, we advise you to avoid bidding for them in PBS. To do so, select the option “Avoid Pairings if Any landings In” and add all of the applicable destination codes you wish to avoid.

As an additional component, to ensure that the system doesn’t also schedule you for deadhead legs into these destinations, please be sure to check the “Counting Deadhead Legs” box when indicating your preferences, as follows:

For more information on bidding with PBS, please contact your local PBS Representative.