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Updated Reserve Handbook

We would like to take this time to welcome everyone back to flying after considerable time away. It is truly wonderful to see so many familiar faces once again! A warm welcome also to all of the members who have recently completed flow through to mainline.

For many of our members it is either their first time flying on reserve at mainline or it has been a long time since last doing so. After consulting with the membership at large we have updated the Reserve Handbook to provide answers for some of the more common inquiries that we have received in recent days.  Click HERE to view the updated handbook.

One of the most notable parts of the update relates to differentiating between the two main types of releases and Leaves of Absence (LOAs), including how each one of the three affects scheduling and pay. This is clarified in the Reserve Handbook on Pages 4 and 5 under Call-In “C” Days, Ready Reserve “R” Days, and Minimum Monthly Guarantee (MMG). We hope going forward that this will remove any doubt, but please feel free to reach out as always if any further clarification is needed.

Your Component Reserve Committee can be reached at for all of your reserve-related questions. It is our honour and privilege to be of service to you and enrich your understanding; please let us know how we can help and how we can continue to improve in assisting all of our reserve members.

In solidarity,

Jesse Matthews & Annie Robichaud
Co-Chairs, Component Reserve Committee