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Vaccination Clinics

Your Union and the Company have reached an agreement to offer full-time employment opportunities in the form of non-medical staffing positions to our Quebec-residing CUPE-represented employees who are currently on layoff status and are interested in a temporary employment opportunity.

Air Canada will be operating the YUL Vaccination Hub in partnership with ADM, Biron Groupe Santé and Bombardier and at its peak can expect it to be responsible for vaccinating approximately 1000-1400 people per day across both clinics.

This will be a full-time assignment and members will be expected to be available for the entire duration of the assignment.

Your pay and associated benefits while on this assignment will come directly from Air Canada and will be as per the Collective Agreement ground duty rates (50% of your flying hourly rate).

As there is a quick turn around, the company is asking that you respond with your final decision to apply for this assignment no later than 1200 EDT, Thursday April 29, 2021.

The Company will be reaching out to members on layoff, based on the Master Cabin Seniority list, who reside in the Province of Quebec.  If you are selected, based on your province and seniority, you will receive an email from Air Canada advising you with further information.

The Union is always looking for ways to find opportunities for our members.

In solidarity,