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Voluntary Training at Air Canada Mainline and Air Canada Rouge

As many members may be aware, Air Canada Rouge is offering voluntary lead coaching sessions, which is a form of additional training that focuses on the lead flight attendant role.  It is the Union’s position that any training should be paid.  Air Canada Rouge has chosen to not pay our members for this additional training.
The Union wants to reiterate that these sessions are voluntary.  You do not need to feel pressured to attend, especially since you are not being compensated for this time.  You are being asked to come in on a day off, with no pay.
Air Canada Mainline provides compensation for voluntary training. We believe that this is because Air Canada Mainline recognizes that in order to engage and educate our members, and to have them show up for voluntary training, there needs to be remuneration for this.
We trust Air Canada Rouge will see the benefits of paying its employees when they come in for voluntary training and hope they will reconsider their position in order to improve employee engagement and willingness to attend such training in the future.
In solidarity,