Welcome To The Family!

Dear members,

We have seen hundreds of new colleagues joining our ranks in the past few days. Indeed, the Company’s goal was to add 560 new flight attendants to mainline for 2016. Component Vice-President Edith Gagnon and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of these enthusiastic new recruits at training centres across the country, and it’s been extremely invigorating to see their bright-eyed passion for their new careers.

On behalf of our entire membership, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to each and every new flight attendant who is beginning their professional journey alongside us. I’d also encourage our experienced community of cabin crew members to welcome them, help guide them, and make them feel at home.

To our newest colleagues: your timing is great for beginning this new adventure. We’re the face of the Company, the Ambassadors of our brand, and we’ve been repeatedly recognized as the best Flight Attendants in North America. Air Canada is beginning an ambitious international expansion, emboldened by a growing fleet of brand new aircraft. And our community of Air Canada Mainline Flight Attendants and Service Directors is finally entering a period of unprecedented and hard-won job security, while also witnessing the ongoing implementation of numerous significant improvements to our collective agreement that will further cement our status as the flight attendants with the best remuneration, benefits and working conditions across the country. We deserve to take pride in what we do, what we’ve obtained, and the promising direction we’re taking in the years ahead.

Again, welcome to the family. I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished during initial training. We’re very much looking forward to everything that you’ll bring to our pan-Canadian community of In-Flight safety professionals. 


In solidarity,

Michel Cournoyer
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE




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