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WIP – Maternity EI Top Up & Wage Indemnity

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)

Top-Up Benefit
Your Wage Indemnity Plan includes a provision offering disability benefits for the health related portion of your Maternity Leave Of Absence (MATLOA). These benefits will supplement the Maternity Benefits you claim through Employment Insurance following the one (1) week waiting period, and will be calculated based on your earnings prior to your MATLOA.

Employment Insurance – EI and WIP Top-Up
The current 2021 maximum rate for EI weekly benefits is $595.00 per week. If 60% of your pre-disability earnings were $695.00 per week, you would then be entitled to claim the difference of $100.00 per week after a one (1) week waiting period.  The benefit period is defined as follows:

   – 6 weeks for a normal delivery (1 week waiting period – 5 week top-up)
   – 8 weeks for a caesarean birth (1 week waiting period – 7 week top-up)

Quebec Parental Insurance Plan – QPIP
For Members in Quebec who apply for QPIP and receive benefits, it is doubtful that you will qualify for any top-up from your WIP Plan as QPIP payments are higher and based on 70-75% of your pre-disability earnings, while WIP is at 60%. However, your eligibility can be confirmed by contacting the Plan Administrator or the undersigned once you receive notice of the QPIP applicable rate of pay.

Continuation of Coverage During Absence From Work, MATLOA – IMPORTANT TO READ
Prepayment of premiums is not required for an absence from the payroll of fifteen (15) calendar days or less. Prepayment of premiums is required for an absence from the payroll of sixteen (16) or more calendar days. You must prepay the required premium in full within forty-five (45) days from the start of your leave in order to be eligible. The same rule applies for MATLOA Top-Up benefit consideration.

NOTE: The examples below addresses your eligibility for MAT Top Up only. If you wish to ensure coverage is in place following the termination of your MAT LOA you must prepay the entire Leave of Absence. Please click HERE for full details of Continuation of Coverage During Absence from Work.

For example:

If you start your MATLOA sixteen (16) days prior to the delivery of your baby, you are required to pre-pay your premiums within the forty-five (45) days from the start of your leave as noted above to qualify for the MATLOA top-up benefit.

If you worked up to the birth of your child without absence from the payroll, as noted above, no prepayment is required.

If you were booked off and were on, and in receipt of WIP benefits until the delivery date, you are not required to prepay. The same would apply if you were on any other approved program such as WCB/WSIB.

If you booked off sick, and delivered within those fourteen (14) days, no prepayment is required.

To access the claim form for this benefit click HERE.  It is the responsibility of each member to complete and return the form with the applicable EI stubs to confirm receipt of EI benefits to our Plan Administrator following the birth.

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626 – 21 Four Seasons Place
Etobicoke, Ontario
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Midwives and Medical Absence Following Childbirth
SSQ, the insurer has determined that from a claims practice perspective, they will accept documentation from an appropriately registered and certified midwife when approving the medical portion of the maternity leave. The medical portion is for the six (6) weeks after a vaginal delivery only. A Physician (MD) must be involved for a c-section. The rationale here is that the Insurer requires verification that the birth happened and midwives can provide that for the six (6) week vaginal delivery.

SSQ and the Administrator, Manion, Wilkins will not accept medical from midwives for complicated pregnancies, or anything beyond a six week medical absence following childbirth. In accordance to the Policy Provisions, members claiming WIP “must see a physician (MD) within the 14 day qualifying period in order to qualify for benefits commencing on the 15th day of your disability”.

On Behalf of The Board of Trust,

Stephen Morash
Administrative Consultant

NOTE:  All Policy Booklet information can be accessed on the Air Canada Component of CUPE web site or on the mobile App.

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