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A Message from Your Component President – Issue 1 – March Service Director Awards

Yesterday, after the close of the March 2013 bid, your Component and Local PBS Joint Committee Members met with the Company in YUL to process the awards. It quickly became obvious to everyone that the YYZ Service Directors’ block awards had significant problems. The YVR, YYC and YUL Service Directors’ awards were not affected in the same way.
The Union considers this to be an example of the Company’s poor planning and failure to communicate with their employees.
We have been in talks with the Company since the awards, and have been able to come to an agreement to help mitigate the hardship on the YYZ based Service Directors. The Company and the Union have agreed to waive the limit of flight switches that a YYZ Service Director may do for the March 2013 block month, on a without precedent or prejudice basis.
We have been very clear with the Company that we are working together in the best interests of the members for the month of March 2013 only, but this is not a solution going forward.
The solution is to train enough Service Directors and staff properly. The training class scheduled for April 2013 only has room for forty-five (45) Service Directors.  This is not enough. There should never be a repeat of the short-staffing chaos that happened last summer.
For those YYZ based Service Directors, we hope that you will be able to find the switches you need.
In service to the membership,
Michel Cournoyer
Component President


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