days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

LOU 61 – A330/A321XLR Crew Rest Seats – January 2024 Block Month

For the block month of January 2024, the following flights fall under LOU 61 and are scheduled for A330 aircraft. They will have 2 (two) dedicated crew rest seats:

What if these flights operate on B777/787 aircraft?
LOU 61 is specific to the A330/A321XLR aircraft, and not applicable to the B777/787. The B777/787 has crew bunks that may be used for crew rest/break purposes.

Candidates for the Upcoming Air Canada Component Elections – 2024

Air Canada Component President

Wesley Lesosky
Raymond Nakon
Isa Stahl

Air Canada Component Vice-President

Shifa Begmohamed
Robert Hatfield
Theresa Mitchell
Nadine Perrin
Karim Sheir

Air Canada Component Secretary-Treasurer

Lorna Holmes
Guillaume Leduc
Ingrid Watson

Air Canada Component Trustee
Marc Roumy (acclaimed)

As the campaigning process begins, we ask that everyone click HERE to review the Election Guidelines. These guidelines pertain not only to the candidates, but to the entire membership.

Also, a reminder to all candidates that your resume must be submitted, electronically, to the Tabulating Committee at, no later than December 1, 2023 at 16:00 EST.

Labour Day – September 4, 2023

Dear Air Canada Component Members,

In our ever-evolving journey to secure fair pay, proper rest, and the respect we deserve from our employer and the traveling public, we stand united as the voice of nearly 10,000 dedicated flight attendants at Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge. Our commitment to safety, security, and ensuring the well-being of our passengers remains unwavering.

A Legacy of Dedication: The History of Flight Attendant Unions in Canada
The history of flight attendant unions in Canada is both long and fascinating. From the early days of aviation to the present, flight attendants have consistently advocated for their rights and the betterment of working conditions. We acknowledge the hard-fought battles of our predecessors, whose determination paved the way for the rights and protections we enjoy today.

Safety First: Our Core Priority
At the heart of our mission is the safety and security of our passengers. We take immense pride in our role as aviation professionals, ensuring that every flight reaches its destination safely. As CUPE Air Canada Component members, we embody the spirit of dedication and responsibility that defines our profession.

Honoring Our Global Colleagues and Aviation Workers
We extend our utmost respect and admiration to flight attendants and aviation workers worldwide. The challenges and demands of our profession are universal, and we stand in solidarity with our colleagues across the globe.

Labour Day: A Time to Reflect and Celebrate
As Labour Day approaches, it is essential to recognize the significance of this day in Canada. It serves as a tribute to the sacrifices and relentless efforts of generations past who fought for workers’ rights and created the labor movement. Labour unions have played a pivotal role in securing improved working conditions, fair wages, and a dignified work-life balance for all.

On this Labor Day, let us pay homage to the rich legacy of the labor movement and renew our commitment to advancing the interests of flight attendants at Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and around the globe. Together, we are a powerful force for change.

PBS Flash Bulletin – Confirmation of Old UI Decommission


As of today, September 1, 2023, the Old UI is no longer available.

The process of decommissioning the Old UI has started and is to be completed in the next few days. You can find more information on using the Web App on both the Aeronet portal as well as via under Resources > PBS Bidder’s Guide & Bulletin Updates.

Please note that there is no requirement to redo your bid. Your bids, including your default and training bids, have always been available in the Web App (New UI).

Direct Link for PBS

Mainline WebApp

Rouge WebApp