days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

ACCEX Meet & Greet in YVR

ACCEX will be in Vancouver (YVR) for Component Executive meetings at the end of March and will be holding a membership town hall meeting at the Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver (1000 Burrard St, in Vancouver) on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (PST), in the Port McNeill Room. This is an opportunity for all members (Mainline & Rouge), from all bases, to drop by and ask any questions you may have and to get feedback about the issues you encounter while at work, on a daily basis.

In solidarity,

Notice of Upcoming Election – Local Trustee Position – 3-Year Term

In accordance with Appendix “C” of the Air Canada Component Bylaws, anyone wishing to be nominated for the available Local Trustee position should adhere to the following information:

– Members who wish to be nominated for the available Local Trustee position shall file nomination papers and a completed Oath of Nomination form (Article C.4.1)

– Candidates shall disclose their full name and intended position clearly on the nomination papers prior to soliciting signatures. (Article C.4.2)

– Nomination forms, as provided by the Component Tabulating Committee, must have signatures from the lesser of either:
(a) Fifty (50) members of the eligible voters on the Local’s Membership List; or
(b) Five (5%) percent of the eligible voters on the Local’s Membership List. (Article C.4.3)

– The Oath of Nomination form (Appendix “F”) must be completed in its entirety in order to be accepted by the Tabulating Committee. (Article C.4.4)

NOTE: For interested candidates, a complete instruction package with Nomination Sheets and the Oath of Nomination will be available on the Air Canada Component website, as well as by request from your Local office, or by clicking HERE. It is recommended that you read the complete instruction package.

DEADLINE:  Completed original Nomination Sheets and the Oath of Nomination must be received no later than, April 1, 2020 at 16:00 EDT at the following address:

M9W 1E8

Nomination Sheets and the Oath of Nomination received after April 1, 2020 at 16:00 EDT will NOT be accepted. The Tabulating Committee recommends sending your documentation by registered mail to ensure timely delivery and receipt.

In Solidarity,

Your Component Tabulating Committee

Coronavirus Update 12

Many of you have voiced concerns to the Union recently specifically about the transport of passengers connecting from carriers still operating to/from China.
The Union would like to raise awareness of the fact that the COVID-19 virus is NOT Chinese. It may have its origins in China; however, it is clearly an issue that is affecting populations worldwide – regardless of the semantics regarding the word pandemic. Xenophobic attitudes and concerns, while common in situations like these are not appropriate, nor in keeping with the Union’s ethical guidelines.
Passengers connecting from other carriers have been cleared through the established public health protocols. Furthermore, there is nothing stopping a passenger, once cleared to enter Canada, from purchasing a separate non-connecting ticket on a domestic flight. The Union recognizes the concerns of some members regarding screening processes; however, it doesn’t control, nor does it have much if any influence on the exit or entrance procedures of individual countries. Even the employer may have very limited influence or control over these.
Concerns about the employer’s specific actions should be addressed by means of a health and safety complaint e-report ACAeronet > Safety > Submit a report/SIMS at Mainline, or AQD at Rouge. This formalizes your concerns, enters them into the data base used by the company as well as your joint health and safety committees.
It is important to note that beyond questionnaires, mandatory onboard announcements, increased signage in border control facilities and heightened awareness of workers who are in contact with the public, little more in way of screening can be done. Testing for COVID-19 takes time and cannot be done in a boarding lounge. Temperature reading instruments, while widely employed at some destinations, have had their accuracy and usefulness questioned.
The Union calls on its members to focus their energy on areas that can, and will, make a meaningful and positive difference as we all navigate this public health crisis: stay home when sick; follow company procedures for suspected communicable diseases as per FAM/PUB chapter 6; know how and when to use your personal protective equipment; and be informed about/employ sound hygiene practices.
Diseases know no borders, aircraft or flight numbers. Proper precautions, practices and procedures related to communicable disease must be the norm every flight, always – not just when we see passengers connecting from a certain place or when flying to a certain destination. That is how we will protect one another onboard. That is how we will protect our colleagues working at airports. That is the critical role we will play in helping our healthcare system manage and control this virus.
In Solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE

Coronavirus Update 11

In the Union’s Coronavirus Update #10 we committed to following up on three questions that have been asked by many of you. After reaching out to the company, we have been provided the following answers. Please note that much of this information can also be found in the company’s FAQ document which is updated regularly.

  • Some members have expressed concern about the 8-day delay.
    • The company does not have control over, or any details of the cases handled by the public health authority. This includes knowing when they make the connection regarding the patients’ travel history. As soon as the company received notification, it reached out to the Union and ALL crewmembers onboard in order to advise them of the situation. As noted in the company’s bulletin, it recognized that all crew may have come into contact with the passenger and deserved to be informed. Also, the company issued a bulletin advising all employees that there had been a confirmed case.
  • Concerns have been raised about the grooming of this aircraft.
    • In addition to regular grooming, the aircraft was subject to two deep grooming procedures since the flight in question, in which a hospital grade anti-viral agent approved by Health Canada was used to wipe down all hard surfaces including galleys and lavatories. The product is effective against coronaviruses.
  • Concerns have been raised about crew who may have operated subsequent flights.
    • The company is in constant communication with the authorities and is following their direct guidance. In this case the risk was deemed so low that no isolation was required or advised. The health authority also had no concerns about allowing the affected crew to continue flying duties should they wish. Public health authorities will be in contact with the crew to monitor their situation closely, and there is a commitment not to operate if ill or otherwise showing symptoms.

The Union’s Coronavirus Update #10 included information about the work refusal process, but we encourage you to report any concerns proactively to the company through official reporting channels. The Union is limited on the information it can provide as it is not the employer.  Any concerns you feel pertain to your Health and Safety should be reported so you are getting accurate and timely information from your employer, Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge. This ensures that the company knows about your issue, as well as the joint health and safety committees. We cannot stress how important proper reporting is. Here is how to file a health and safety complaint:


  • Health and Safety Complaint eReport (OHS) – Use this form if you have any health or safety related concerns. 
  • The Electronic versions of these documents can be filled out:
    • On the iPad if you are an in-charge 
    • Through SIMS ( > Safety > Submit a report/SIMS). See your manual chapter 2 for details. 
      • If filing in SIMS ensure to “set the department” before hitting submit or you may encounter an error message.


  • IFS Occupational Health & Safety eReport: If you have concerns about any part of your incident that might be or is a health and safety hazard in the workplace, it is important to file a health and safety concern in AQD.

Instructions on filing AQD E-reports can be found in Chapter 2 of your flight attendant manual (PUB).

Mainline & Rouge:

***ALL company communication will be sent to your Air Canada email – even if you file using paper forms. Please ensure to enter your AC email address correctly when required and to verify it periodically. ***

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE