days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Crew Bunks

We continue to receive feedback regarding OBSMs and the issue of crew bunks on wide body aircrafts. Contractual crew rest and all additional articles of the Collective Agreement pertaining to crew rest must be upheld.
A policy grievance has been filed, however, until this matter is resolved we would like to reiterate the Company’s position.
The Company agreed that:
1) Service Directors remain responsible for the sequencing and timing of crew rest rotations;‎ while the Company has provided guidance on the rotations to ensure optimal customer service (which they will review)  they recognize and respect that the rotation is ultimately at the judgment of the Service Director;
The Company  confirmed that:
1) The operating crew has priority for access to the onboard crew rest unit to ensure they obtain their contractual crew rest;
2) The operating crew have full choice on which bunks they will use;
3) OBSMs will use the crew rest unit to rest if circumstances permit after the OBSM verifies with the Service Director(s) that the operating crew have first obtained their contractual crew rest;
4) The crew’s contractual crew rest period will be fully respected without interruption.
In solidarity,
Your Component Executive

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