days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Diversity Committee

The Air Canada Component Diversity Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee established under Section 10.2 of the Air Canada Component of CUPE Bylaws.

The Committee shall be comprised of one (1) Committee Chairperson appointed by the Component President, and one (1) Committee member from each base appointed by the Local President.

The Diversity Committee shall: 

  • Advocate for the marginalized members in the workplace and manage issues related to discrimination and challenges associated with ethnic or racial bias.
  • Educate the Company and members on the benefits of diversity in the workplace.
  • Advise Air Canada’s leadership on the D&I needs and the progress of diversity initiatives throughout the Company.
  • Ensure that the Employment Equity Act is respected and or surpasses the requirement and review demographic data.
  • Encourage Air Canada to implement a mandatory unconscious bias/diversity training incorporated in the CRM sessions as part of the Annual Recurrent training as well as within the inflight management team.
  • Organize educational workshops/focus groups.
  • Ensure Air Canada creates and maintains inclusive workplace policies.
  • Push for more clear communication from Company on issues surrounding diversity & inclusion and systemic racism in the workplace.
  • Encourage Company to offer opportunities for employee engagement.
  • Encourage and support Air Canada’s professional efforts towards development opportunities such as their contributions to member’s education.
  • Ensure Air Canada’s leadership team reflects diversity by hiring and promoting diverse candidates in those roles.
  • Encourage diversity in Air Canada’s marketing strategies to ensure the diverse workforce is showcased.
  • The Committee to schedule monthly meetings to discuss and design diversity acts.
  • The Committee to encourage bi-monthly meetings with the company to discuss progress of diversity initiatives.
  • Report to the Component President at least once monthly, verbally or in writing, and report to the quarterly ACCEX meetings in writing.
  • Update membership on a quarterly basis via bulletin.
  • Respond to member emails as required.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the Component Committee.
  • Ensure that Committee Members are fully knowledgeable and are carrying out their duties.
  • Manage the approved Committee budget in cooperation with the Component Secretary-Treasurer, in accordance with the Component Bylaws.
  • Confirm all verbal communications with the Company in writing. All written Committee communications should be copied to the Component President.

The Diversity Committee shall not: 

  • Have the power to make any decision binding on the Union.
  • Discuss, distribute or otherwise use confidential information which they may become privy to during the course of fulfilling the duties of the Communication Committee with anyone outside the Committee, with the exception of the Component Officers.
  • Send out any type of communication to the Membership or the Company without the express written consent of the Component President.

As Special Assignment is defined as quasi management in the Collective Agreement, any member who is on a Special Assignment shall continue to pay dues and be eligible for voting but must resign from any CUPE position and shall not be eligible for nomination or appointment to any office or Committee in the  Union.  He/she shall not be eligible to attend meetings of the Union except with the approval of a majority of the members at such meetings.

All Committees shall adhere to the Component Expense policy.

While a budget may be provided for, all Committees involve a certain amount of volunteerism.

It is an established principle that whenever Union Officers and committee members are scheduled to meet with the Company, there will always be at least two Union Members present.