Health and Safety Committee


Chair: Jordan Bray-Stone

Vice Chair: Nicola Schnell

What is the role of the Component Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee?

The Component OHS Committee is an internal group comprised solely of Union representatives which strives to improve the health and safety of all members by:

  • Ensuring the sharing of Health and Safety information and issues between the Locals
  • Liaising and providing counsel to the Executive officers of the Component on matters affecting occupational health and safety.
  • Organize meetings between Component OHS committee members to ensure consistency.
  • Providing a national structure to support and assist local OHS committees big and small, including access to legal support.
  • Working to ensure that all legislative requirements contained in Part II of the Canada Labour Code, the Aviation Occupational Safety and Health (AOSH) Regulations and the Canada Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) Regulations, as well as other relevant flight attendant related legislation such as the CARS are upheld and implemented by the Employer system-wide.

Who is on the Component OHS Committee?

Anyone who holds a union representative position on a joint health and safety committee at the company is automatically a member of the Component OHS Committee.

What are joint health and safety committees?

There are two types of joint health and safety committees that are required by law at large federally regulated companies like ours. The Union appoints members to each type to represent you, the worker. They work alongside management who are appointed by the company to address OHS issues affecting the workplace.

Policy Health and Safety Committees (PC):

A very simple way of understand the PC is that it addresses hazards, policies, programs and other things affecting the health and safety of employees on a system-wide level.

Workplace Health and Safety Committees (WPC’s):

A very simple way of understanding what a WPC does is that they address hazards and workplace injuries/illnesses occurring at the worksite level (your base).

CONTACT US (including emergency line):

Email  We make every effort to reply within two days.

Do we have your contact info?

Did you know that the Air Canada Component of CUPE maintains its own contact list, separate from that of the company and the local Union offices?  If you aren’t getting our bulletins you’re probably not on our list! This also means we may not be able to reach out to you in a time of need following an incident.

Send your most recent contact information to  Ensure to provide your employee number, base, phone number, address, and email address.


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