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Letter to Air Canada Management: C1 passes

December 4, 2017
Mr. Calin Rovinescu                                              Mr. Ben Smith
President & CEO                                                   President Passenger Airlines
Air Canada                                                             Air Canada
P.O. Box #14000, Station Airport                           P.O. Box #14000, Station Airport
Dorval, QC                                                             Dorval, QC
H4Y 1Y4                                                                H4Y 1Y4
Dear Mr. Rovinescu & Mr. Smith,
It has come to our attention that you are awarding attendees to your roadshow with C1 passes. We would like to state our objection on behalf of our membership. We have received many communiques expressing discontent.
Although we understand the value that incentives can play in fostering attendance at such events, we must wholeheartedly express our ardent objection to your chosen“token of appreciation”.
I am sure you are aware that you, the Company and we, the Air Canada Component of CUPE are currently engaged in a very contentious and meaningful arbitration on the awarding of B1 passes to Air Canada Pilot Association (ACPA).
Therefore, our members cannot help but feel dismissed and slighted over your wholly blatant disregard of the significance of this most cherished seniority based perk which embodies the very essence and the symbolism of the career devotion of your employees to our Air Canada Family.
As well, awarding this particular incentive has two insults packaged in its delivery. Not only are those that are unable to attend (perhaps even due to work commitments) excluded from the guarantee of a pass, they are then doubly penalized in the future by theoretical scenarios of being bumped off a flight by another employee who was able to attend (perhaps even junior to them), and able to bank the higher priority pass.
We ask for a public apology and immediate retraction of this award. May we suggest donations in the employees’ names to Dreams Take Flights in lieu.

Air Canada Component Executive