days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

OBSM Update

Dear Members,
We have read your frustration, fear and anger. We hear you loud and clear!
Thank you to all of our members, across the system, at all bases, for your efforts in letting your Union know your discontent with regards to the Air Canada OBSM program. You echoed the sentiments of many that may have been too afraid to speak up.
We received thousands of replies and detailed accounts.  It was not only telling and heartbreaking to read your comments, but the survey results clearly showed that this program is causing undue stress and exasperation, let alone impeding on your service and safety duties that we know you take pride in; day in and day out.
The Company keeps stressing its desire to be a SKYTRAX five star airline, but is seemingly oblivious to the fact that the easiest way to achieve this is by bolstering its internal clients, nay its family, with the tools and pride necessary to achieve that status.
History shows us that ruling through fear and criticism merely creates hesitancy and reticence to strive or flourish. Your Union encourages the Company to rise above this base and faulty paradigm.
Your Component has received many reports from your Locals and our general email account (see below)  detailing how innumerable members are concerned about being assessed, secretly monitored and in some cases even feel intimidated by OBSM’s.  Your union is asking for all documentation on this subject to allow us to demonstrate to the company the realities of this program and pursue the legal avenues we are afforded. Please continue to send them in.
We have taken the liberty of sending the company an unedited copy of the results we received from you as we promised we would. This ‘raw’ version of the survey details how the program affects you and includes your passionate statements on your interactions with the OBSM’s. This was sent last week. To date, we have not heard anything back from the employer. However, as this is a priority for you and your Union we clearly stated that we welcome the company’s feedback on our results and how we can address your concerns going forth.
Please rest assured that we are also representing you with many other approaches to this complex issue.
Our lines of communication are always open, please send any concerns or comments to
In solidarity,

Air Canada Component of CUPE