days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

The Situation In Barcelona

Your Component leadership, Hotel Committee, and OHS Committee have been following the events in Catalonia, Spain closely, and are in communication with the company regarding the safety and security of our crews on layover in Barcelona (BCN).
Although there has been some civil unrest reported in the news surrounding the recent Catalan secession referendum, and possible declaration of independence, Global Affairs Canada currently has not elected to raise its risk level for travellers.
That said, when travelling to countries in a time of heated politics your union recommends the following:
– Visit the Global Affairs website regularly, or download the government’s Travel Smart app. For your convenience we have provided the links below.
– Make sure to read your company communications to remain aware of any potential operational changes.
– Ensure to let someone from your crew know where you are when you go out, or leave a note in your room. Follow company procedures if you expect to be away from the hotel for an extended period of time.
– Practice good “street smarts” while on layover: Avoid large gatherings and protests, avoid government buildings or locations of political significance, avoid politically provocative conversation , follow the advice and guidance of local authorities, try to remain aware of the local news while on layover. If in doubt about any local safety issues, consulting the hotel staff can be helpful.
Your union and its many resources remains at your disposal. We have attached a contact sheet, links to the Global Affairs Canada Spain info page which you may want to download or print, as well as a link to the Global Affairs Canada App (see below).
In the event that you are, or were affected by civil unrest in Barcelona, please note that injury on duty includes resulting stress related to such potentially traumatic events.
We have attached workers compensation information sheets for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver based Rouge members. Remember that although the process may look daunting, CUPE has people employed full-time to assist you.
It is normal to have a reaction, and we urge you to allow yourself the time you need to be well if necessary.
In solidarity,
Marie-Hélène Major
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE
Click HERE to access the Workers Compensation Information Sheets for Torontobased Rouge members
Click HERE to access the Workers Compensation Information Sheets for Montrealbased Rouge members
Click HERE to access the Workers Compensation Information Sheets for Vancouverbased Rouge members
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