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Vacation Claw back, Deferred Salary Plan and Special Dinner / Récupération des vacances, plan de salaire différé et dîner spécial

We are following up on our recent bulletin in relation to the Special Dinner allowance, which can be viewed here: We wanted to give an update on this and other payroll issues we have been discussing with the Company.

We spoke with Air Canada management on February 6, 2024.  At that time, the Union was advised there were 7,201 outstanding claims from cabin crew. Their goal is to have payroll reduce this amount to zero by the April 17, 2024 pay.

Additionally, they confirmed that they will be pausing any vacation claw backs until this process is completed. There were 840 members identified that either had funds deducted in error or were given too many vacation days while in initial training. The Company, on an exceptional basis, will not be recouping these funds and further these 840 members will be reimbursed the claw back taken on their February 14, 2024, pay.

The Company will be sending the affected members a message and will confirm that they no longer owe any future deductions for the 2022-2023 vacation period. In addition to all this there are roughly 700 members who were still identified as showing taken more vacation than applicable. We have advised them that there must be an improvement and transparency in this process going forward.

The company has committed that going forward they will reconcile members vacation allotments monthly. This means that if you owe vacation due to a leave or other reason, and have further assigned vacation, it will be adjusted proactively. There will still be members who fall into a position at the end of the year where they will owe vacation. It is the hope and the intention that this process will assist both sides in ensuring that our members are advised in a timely way and with a full explanation of what is owed and why.

We were also made aware of over deductions made to a member on the Deferred Salary Plan during the contribution period. If you are participating in the Deferred Salary Plan, we recommend that you check to ensure deductions stopped when they were supposed to. If you notice that they have not ceased when they were supposed to please send us an email at

In addition to the other items named above, we had a follow up discussion on the Night Dinner/Special Dinner allowance. The Company was advised that we want to ensure that any missing expense payment will be reimbursed. There may be a process involved in which the member needs to claim this. We will update you when we have more information. We believe that it is your money and if it is owed to you, it must be paid.

We want to reiterate the importance of checking your pay statements for all hours worked, as well as your expenses. Check out our website for a document that you may find helpful HERE: Mystery-of-Meals.pdf (

We will continue to explore ways to help members to understand their pay statement and the process involved in pay claims. We will hold our first ACCEX meeting once the Local Elections are completed and this subject will be on the agenda.

In solidarity,