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Article B8.26.09 & Pre-Selects

Dear Members,
Since summer the union has been presented with a multitude of complaints whereas Article B8.26.09 has not been followed when it comes to pre-selects.
Article B8.26.09 is clear on when the company can remove a reserve:
B8.26.09 An open pairing once awarded to a Reserve Blockholder will not subsequently be changed except in the event of an irregular operation caused by cancellation, consolidation, substitution, misconnection, overprojection or illegality at Home Base. The employee involved will revert to the reserve status s/he was scheduled to hold had s/he not been awarded the pairing.
The union is looking for your assistance in reporting ANY and ALL awarded open flights (pre-selects) that have had deviations, changes or when you have been removed from the pairing as a whole or any flight within the pre-selected pairing.
Please email full details along with the following:
  1. Time your assignment was changed, time you were notified
  2. When and/or where the change occurred (mid pairing/ prior to check in/ on layover/ etc)
  3. Who notified you of the change
  4. Why did the change happen?
  5. Employee Name, Number and pairing details
We understand the frustration you have had with the constant changes to an established pairing.  The emails and calls to the locals are growing to an all time high on pre-selects and we want to address it.
Please send all documentation to  This information will be researched and we will be sending it to your locals for further review.  Let your fellow crew members know that any information they can share on this issue will be of assistance.
We are available for any and all reserve questions daily, 24/7, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Have a wonderful weekend!

In solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
Reserve Committee Chair

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