days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

The Weekly Dispatch – Union Finances

Your Union believes that transparency and accountability are the cornerstones to trust, and we believe that this is especially important when it comes to where your Union dues are being spent. If you have a specific question about this or any other matter relating to Union finances you can write to your Component Secretary-Treasurer, Guillaume Leduc. He can be reached at

LOU 61 – A330/A321XLR Crew Rest Seats – March 2024 Block Month

(This applies to AC Mainline only)

For the block month of March 2024, the following flights fall under LOU 61 and are scheduled for A330 aircraft. They will have 2 (two) dedicated crew rest seats:





What if these flights operate on B777/787 aircraft?
LOU 61 is specific to the A330/A321XLR aircraft, and not applicable to the B777/787. The B777/787 has crew bunks that may be used for crew rest/break purposes.
In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee

Local Nomination Results – 2024 Election

This bulletin has been divided into 3 sections:

1. Local Elections Required

2. Acclaimed Local Positions

3. Local Vacancies

– – – –


Local Elections are required for the following positions and will commence at 09:00 EST on March 11, 2024 and close at 12:00 EST on March 21, 2024:

LOCAL 4091

Local 4091 President
(1 position available)
Karim Sheir
Natasha Stea

Local 4091 Vice President
(5 positions available)
Philippe Bonneville
Julie Dallaire-Bourget
Caroline Lozeau-Gelinas
Eric Marchand
Julie Potvin
Catherine St-Onge

LOCAL 4092

Local 4092 President
(1 position available)
Carmine Mastromattei
Denis Montpetit

Local 4092 Vice President
(8 positions available)
Michelle Duhaney
Robert Hatfield
Kirk Horsman
Cynthia Kryszak
Alison MacDonald
Meaghan Mroczek-Porato
Laurent (Larry) Roy
Victoria Primavera
Lillian Speedie

LOCAL 4094

Local 4094 Vice President
(8 positions available)
Stephen Galandie
Vanita Grewal
Sandra Hendre
Lorna Holmes
Bernadette Jean
Alison Kjertinge
Henly Larden
Jesse Matthews
Travis Petersen

LOCAL 4095

Local 4095 President
(1 position available)
Tyler McBain
Kim Wentzell
Rebeca Woodward

Local 4095 Vice President
(3 positions available)
Jessica Dunn
Constance Kuentzler
Nuria Martin
Daylen Mitansky
Janice Patience
Nadine Perrin
Brittany Thomas
Heather Tilroe
Bethania Valenzuela

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You will receive a letter by email, and by regular mail for those that did not opt out of physical mailings, directly from Simply Voting prior to the vote opening. This letter will contain a new Elector ID and Password, along with detailed instructions on how to vote online and by telephone.

You have the option of voting by web, or by phone, as per Component Bylaws. You will need your new Elector ID and Password to access the system.

Once you have submitted your vote, the Simply Voting system will issue a printable electronic receipt. If you are voting by phone, you can only access your electronic receipt by logging into the Simply Voting system online.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering your vote, please e-mail or call 1-877-411-3552, extension 254 or (416) 798-3399, extension 254. Please provide us with your name, employee number, phone number, e-mail address, and postal code. We will respond as quickly as possible during business hours (weekdays 9:00am – 4:00pm EST), however, please allow us 1 business day to respond.

As the campaigning process begins, we ask that everyone click HERE to review the Election Guidelines.  These guidelines pertain not only to the candidates, but to the entire membership.

– – – –


The following Local positions have been acclaimed:
LOCAL 4091

Local 4091 Secretary-Treasurer
David Guillemette – ACCLAIMED

LOCAL 4092

Local 4092 Secretary-Treasurer
Da Hyen (David) Lee – ACCLAIMED

LOCAL 4094

Local 4094 President
Carolyn Bugnon – ACCLAIMED

Local 4094 Secretary-Treasurer
Cindy Bell – ACCLAIMED

LOCAL 4095

Local 4095 Secretary-Treasurer
Jocelyne Picot – ACCLAIMED

Local 4095 Trustee
William Kwok – ACCLAIMED

LOCAL 4098

Local 4098 President
Amy Murray – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Vice President
Craig Smith – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Secretary-Treasurer
Heather Kelly – ACCLAIMED

Local 4098 Toronto Base Vice President
Piotr Fester – ACCLAIMED

– – – –


There are vacancies in the following Local positions:

LOCAL 4091
– Local 4091 Trustee – 1 vacant position

LOCAL 4092
– Local 4092 Trustee – 1 vacant position

LOCAL 4094
– Local 4094 Trustee – 1 vacant position

LOCAL 4098
– Local 4098 Montreal Base Vice President – 2 vacant positions
– Local 4098 Toronto Base Vice President – 2 vacant positions
– Local 4098 Trustee – 1 vacant position


In Solidarity,

Your Component Tabulating Committee

The Weekly Dispatch – The Different Types of Grievances

There are different types of grievances filed by the local Union and the Component.  They are, for the most part, individual, group and/or policy grievances. If you have questions about a grievance that you may want to pursue, we encourage you to reach out to your local office. They are an amazing resource and can guide you through the process and advise you as to whether there are grounds for a grievance.  They are the ones who can file the grievance and are very knowledgeable about the possibility of a grievance. Bringing this information to them also helps the Union to be aware of systemic issues for which a policy grievance may need to be filed.

In the case of an individual grievance, the subject-matter of the grievance is personal to the employee. These are filed by your local office.

For example: a member was not paid correctly for a specific pairing.

A group grievance is filed when several individual grievances are brought forward as a single complaint; one grievance is filed, and all the names of affected individuals are attached. These are filed by your local office.

For example: a group of members at your local on a specific pairing are not being paid the check-in/check-out gratuity allowance properly.

A policy grievance is a complaint by the union that the action(s) of management (or its failure or refusal to act) is a violation of the agreement. This could affect all who are covered by the agreement. These are filed by the Component.

For example: the company has failed to follow the definition of a “downtown” hotel when it chose hotel accommodations.

IMMS Leaves

(This applies to Mainline only)

We are writing to members to remind them of something called an IMMS leave. IMMS is an acronym which represents the Inability to Meet Medical Standards. This leave gives you the right to time off for an illness or injury. Article 16.05 of the Collective Agreement provides that, “where due to incapacity resulting from sickness or injury an employee is on a leave of absence, s/he shall maintain and accrue seniority for three years”.

Members are eligible for an IMMS leave if they are unable to meet medical standards to perform flight duties, i.e. are not fit to fly due to sickness or injury and have exhausted or do not qualify for paid sick leave, wage indemnity program (WIP) payments, workers’ compensation, and/or other disability benefits and there is a reasonable expectation that you will return to flight duties at some point. It is our belief that members who meet the eligibility criteria have the right to take an IMMS leave for three years but can attempt to perform accommodated ground duties if they prefer.

If you are unable to meet medical standards, have exhausted your other options such as WIP, WSIB/CNESST, etc. and are still not fit to fly, please speak to your local office who can guide you through the IMMS process. You have a right to this leave and would like to ensure that you are well informed of how it works and how to apply.

In solidarity,