A Message From The Council Of Unions

The attached information and update regarding the Share Trust is being provided to CUPE members via a joint communication by the Council of Unions.

The Council of Unions was established to represent the interests of the unionized employees of Air Canada during a turbulent time that included pension insolvency. Leaders from each of Air Canada’s unions – the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA); Canadian Airline Dispatchers Association (CALDA); Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) – Air Canada Component; the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW); and Unifor – meet to discuss issues of common concern, including the Share Trust. Together we represent nearly 29,000 unionized employees of Air Canada.

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OBSM Cabin Crew and Rouge Crew Mentor Programs

As we have pointed out in a recent bulletin, the OBSM Cabin Crew program and the Rouge Crew Mentor program are active and the Company is fully engaged with these programs.  We are monitoring them carefully. Please continue to provide information to your Local Union offices.

We know from experience that the OBSM program for Service Directors caused many members to feel fearful and intimidated.  Despite your fears and concerns we prevailed and stood strong.  We want to continue to foster solidarity and support for each other while these programs for Cabin Crew play themselves out.

With that in mind, we would like to suggest that if you have concerns about a fellow colleague that you bring these concerns to your Local Union office.  They are in a good position to address things in a much more productive way that does not lead to an erosion of our solidarity.

Our goal is to ensure that our membership of 9,500 members strong will be standing shoulder to shoulder with each other and will withstand this latest initiative.  The more that we see the value in standing together, the better our collective strength will be against whatever else comes our way.

In solidarity,

AC33 10JUL19 Severe Turbulence

As you may know, flight AC33 departing YVR early this morning hit severe turbulence near Hawaii.  Numerous injuries resulted, with some of our members requiring follow-up care in hospital. We want you to know that management reached out immediately to advise the Union about the status of the flight. Since that time, we have been […]

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OBSM CC and Rouge Crew Mentors

The OBSM program has been at the forefront of the union’s agenda for several years now. Up until recently, the focus of this program has been mainline Service Directors, and several of the issues resulting from their assessments were recently resolved by Arbitrator Kaplan. Recent months have seen the next phase of the OBSM program […]

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WIP – English and French SSQ Policy Booklet Effective May 2019

The SSQ Short Term and Long Term Policy Booklet update in both English and French has now been completed with an effective date of May 01, 2019. Click HERE to view the English version Click HERE to view the French version Alternately, the booklet can be accessed on the Component website at the addresses below: English – https://accomponent.ca/2019/07/09/wage-indemnity-plan-ssq-policy-booklet-effective-may-2019/ […]

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