Component Officers’ Update

As many things have come up over the last few weeks, we wanted to keep you posted on a few issues. Please note some items are only applicable to those members temporarily working at Air Canada Rouge.

Rouge – L55.09.04 – Work Allowance
As many members operating at Rouge noted, for the first month, the Company omitted to pay the $100 allowance for those who were active for the majority of the October 2020 block month.  We brought this forward to the employer, and they advised last week that this will be paid to you tomorrow, December 1st on your advance.

Rouge EAP
Please note as per Article 17.04.02 your mainline benefits have followed you over to Rouge, this includes EAP services. If you have any concerns you want to discuss with EAP, please reach out to EAP. Contact info can be found here:

Mainline and Rouge Leaves for December 2020 Block Month
At this time, we have received no news on leaves for the December block month.  We appreciate and understand that many of you are already seeing reassignment and cancelations at this time. We will update you when we are aware of more information.

Mainline and Rouge – Revised Service Date Letters from Air Canada
The Union has been receiving many emails regarding the recent letters the company has issued on Revised Service Dates for those members who were recently recalled.  Please note that Article 17.15.01 speaks of this and the letter you are receiving is advising you of your adjusted service date for vacation, sick time, and step-on scale pay increases(if applicable).

17.15.01  An employee who is laid off due to a reduction in forces and who is subsequently recalled shall accrue seniority and service during the period of layoff.  Company service during layoff will not be applied for vacation, sick leave and step-on scale.

Please note, your seniority number and service date for travel and deadheading will not change.

COVID 19 – Have you tested positive?
If you have personally tested positive, please consider advising your Union.  This is confidential and to ensure we have information directly from you.  We can also assist you with the proper forms to fill out for Workplace Injury or Exposure.  These forms should always be filled out, and the employer cannot inhibit you from doing so.  Please email and in the subject line note “Confirmed Positive COVID-19”.  Please advise if the employer was notified and if you are experiencing any issues with pay, workers compensation etc.  We are all here to assist with this process and want to ensure there is no lapse in coverage or unnecessary use of company sick time or WIP.

Rouge – Annual Lead Opt-Out
The annual bid to opt-out of the Lead Position at Rouge is now open will close on December 7, 2020, at 08:00 EST. Awards will be published on December 11, 2020 and will be effective January 2021 block month through to the end of December 2021 block month. The form is accessible via the Rouge bidding site found via the following path: Rouge > In-Flight Service > Crew Scheduling & Planning > Lead Opt-Out.

COVID Leaves
Please remember when applying for a COVID Leave this needs to be done through eLeaves on the portal at Mainline, and at Air Canada Rouge, this is done through

If you are denied your leave, you can write back through on the denied leave or email Melissa Diaz at for more information.  Often, the leave is denied as the required information is not included in the request.  Please click HERE to see the COVID Leave Policy and HERE to see the FAQ for Mainline.

Please click HERE to see the COVID Leave Policy and HERE to see the FAQ for Air Canada Rouge.

Mainline Reserve Members
The Union has received reports of members working into days off at the end of the month and not having the time to have the days replaced.  As per Article B8.06, you are required to have 13 days off for a block month of 30-32 days, and 14 days off for 33-day block months.  If you have had this block rule violated, please reach out to your local.  Please note if you are scheduled to go below your minimum days off, advise the scheduler, and if it is not resolved, please contact your Local Office or

In solidarity,

Coronavirus Update 30

As of tomorrow, 21NOV2020, the Canada Border Services Agency is discontinuing the paper traveller contact information form.

This means that as crew you will have two digital options to choose from:

  1. The ArriveCan app on your mobile device
  2. The web based ArriveCan form

Both can be accessed here:

For your convenience, we have attached the CBSA’s instructions to this email.  (Click HERE to view)

The company has also just released a Globe bulletin with further details.

ArriveCAN mobile application 

For this option you will need either an iPhone with iOS 12 or above, or a device running Android OS6 or above.

If your device doesn’t meet this criteria, you will need to use the web-based form.

The app will store your basic information so that you do not need to enter it every time you return from a flight, and it functions on airplane mode allowing you to fill out the required information prior to arrival.

On arrival, the border officer will confirm the data you submitted using the app, and provide you a 3-digit code to enter into a box in the app. This will validate your exemption, which will be confirmed by a blue E with a checkmark.

ArriveCAN web-based form

The ArriveCan web-based form can be completed at any point prior to your pairing. Access it from the ArriveCan portal (see link above).

Print your receipt and show it to the border officer when returning to Canada, who will take it and mark you as exempt in the CBSA’s database.

We suggest confirming with the border officer that the exemption code has been entered into your file.

In solidarity,

Recall Update – November 20, 2020

Below please see the weekly update on recalls.  There have been no new recall notices since our last update.

YMQ – 30 Rouge Montreal Recalls

The recall process for the Rouge Montreal base for December 2020 is now complete.

YTO – Rouge Toronto Recalls

At this time there are no recalls in process for the Rouge Toronto base.

Air Canada Mainline Recalls

At this time there are no recalls in process for any mainline bases.

Updated Seniority List for Recall Purposes and Retirement Numbers

Your Union has updated the seniority list with the information provided by Air Canada and attached a link to it below. As we cannot publish this privately, we have removed names and employee numbers, so it is purely based on your current 2020 Master Cabin Personnel Seniority number.

***Please note there may be errors or omissions, if you are aware of any please contact your union. You will also note that those members on leaves but senior enough to avoid layoff will be coded as Active***

Click HERE for an Updated Seniority List as of the November Block Month.


In addition, please see below the current retirement numbers for 2020, you can also view an update on retirement numbers by clicking HERE. We have included a chart for 2019 following multiple requests for comparative data.

In solidarity,

COVID-19 Vaccinations

I would like to share the following press release that went out today which advocates for Flight Attendants to be considered for optional COVID-19 vaccinations.

– – – –

Canada’s Flight Attendants Seeking Early COVID-19 Immunization

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Canada’s flight attendants are asking Health Minister Patty Hajdu to consider their job classification for optional early immunization once a COVID-19 vaccine is approved in Canada.

In a letter sent Thursday, Wesley Lesosky, President of the Airline Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), asked Hajdu to recognize the essential role of flight attendants throughout the pandemic, and their working conditions which put them at elevated risk of infection.

For that reason, Lesosky believes flight attendants meet the criteria under the federal government’s Preliminary guidance on key populations for early COVID-19 immunization, and should receive early access if they choose.

“While we want to be clear that at-risk populations and health care workers should receive absolute priority, we also believe flight attendants clearly meet the government’s stated criteria for early immunization,” wrote Lesosky.

Much like other frontline workers in public transit and ferry systems, flight attendants have helped to keep Canada’s essential transportation networks working through the pandemic.

Flight attendants do not have the ability to physically distance in the workplace which, combined with interprovincial and international travel and daily close contact with hundreds of people, puts them at an elevated risk of infection. “We think it is important for the government to acknowledge the fact that flight attendants were some of the first in Canada to encounter and become infected COVID-19 in the workplace,” Lesosky noted.

CUPE’s Airline Division represents over 15,000 flight attendants at nine different airlines across Canada.

Read the full text of Lesosky’s letter here.

– – – –

Please also see the letter that was sent to the Honorable Patty Hajdu whereas we ask that the government consider flight attendants as “those contributing to the maintenance of other essential services for the functioning of society” and “those whose living or working conditions put them at elevated risk of infection” under the government’s Preliminary guidance on key populations for early COVID-19 immunization.

We realize that the area of vaccinations is an individual choice, and it is clear that not all will be comfortable taking the vaccine.  We would never be in support of mandatory vaccinations.  Your Union will always stand on the side of your individual rights and freedoms. This is an ask to the Government to have you considered a candidate in the early stages of immunization if you wish to participate.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE