Bargaining Reopener Update

This bulletin is a further update to keep you all apprised of developments in our “2022 Reopener” Bargaining process.

Earlier in the reopener process the Company put forward a proposal to amend the Scope Language related to the aircraft operated by Air Canada Rouge. Later in October, the Union tabled a counter proposal on this partially agreeing to this amendment, but also included an across-the-board wage increase to address the cost-of-living increases and elimination of the wage freeze experienced by our members who have participated in flow through.

We met with the employer on November 7, 2022, where they came forward with a response to our last proposal. The employer’s response was to propose a two-year extension to our 10-Year Collective Agreement in exchange for a small lump sum paid upon ratification and minimal wage increases in 2025 and 2026 only. Our counter proposal was reasonable, and we did not see the same in return with a proposed extension to an already long collective agreement.

The cost of living continues to be a very real and challenging concern for all our members.  We voiced this clearly and the response received from the employer is simply not acceptable to us.  In order to be compensated fairly, we should not have to wait years for the wage increase.  Immediate relief is necessary.

There are also ongoing concerns with flow through and the wage freeze.  The concept of having our members working alongside one another and earning a different wage is something that needs to change.

We listened to the company’s rationale and afterwards discussed at length.  We came to the conclusion that 2025 is just around the corner and we cannot delay our fundamental right to full collective bargaining. There are so many improvements to be made and this will be our time to stand together and work towards a collective goal which is improved wages, better working conditions and further scheduling gains. There is no interest on our side to look at any kind of contract extension.

Given all that has taken place and based on how far apart we are, we have come to the united decision that there will not be an ability to come to a bargained agreement. We will be moving to the next stage of the re-opener process by moving forward to mediation.  The Union and the Company will now work to find agreement with the assistance of a third-party mediator. We welcome the Company to bring forward a more reasonable offer at mediation. We will provide further updates once a mediator and mediation dates are decided.

In solidarity,


Bargaining Update #3

Your Air Canada Component Bargaining Committee met with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge representatives this week to continue with the Bargaining process. As many of you many know, this Bargaining session is the second of two reopeners. For those of our members who are new and would like to educate themselves about where we are in the bargaining process, the language in the Collective Agreement about the reopeners can be found HERE.

We had numerous discussions with Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge relating to our proposals and spoke at length internally.  There was a great deal of discussion around an offer your Union presented as a whole, along with proposals the company has submitted.

We have also spent time over both the last session and this session looking into ways of resolving LOU 35 (Cost of Living), Scope Clause Challenges, Flow Through Issues, EAP and general work rules.

In our view, these are unprecedented times and while we are constrained by the Collective Agreement language this does not prevent us from working hard to find our way to a fair and just outcome for the membership. We are working towards an agreement we can bring to the members to ratify, as this is always the preferred outcome, rather than it going to an Interest Arbitrator.

We are looking at dates for our next meeting and will keep you advised.

In solidarity,


ACCEX Virtual Meet & Greet

ACCEX will be holding a virtual meet and greet on Friday, October 14, 2022 at 13:00h EDT.

This meet and greet is open for all members to attend, from both Mainline and Rouge. It will be held via Zoom for 1 hour, and registration is required.  Members can submit questions prior to the meet and greet by replying to this email.

We are open to any questions you may have. Your voice matters.  We would like to invite flow through members to join us as we will be having discussions about flow through and the corresponding wage freeze.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

In solidarity,


Union Update

Rouge Duty Overtime – Update on Payments
As per the bulletin send out on September 2, 2022 (CLICK HERE), the Company has just confirmed the Rouge Overtime Premium will be implemented retroactively to Arbitrator Ready’s original award date of May 20, 2022.  This is welcome news for our Rouge members.  If you have any issues with payments, please reach out to your Local Union Office.

Vacation Assignment for New Hires and Flow Through Members
We have confirmed with the company that they are in the process of assigning members with vacation time, please verify in Globe for your assigned vacation.  Once you have vacation assigned, you are able to bid on Vacated Vacation Switches as per Article 8.11 of the Collective Agreement.

Pay Issues for Flow Through Members
There has been an increase of members who have reached out in regard to your pay rate once you officially flowed over to Mainline from Rouge.  The Union is looking into this with the Company and once we have an update, we will reach out to all those affected individually.  We understand this has taken some time, we needed to pull reports to verify leaves, training, and initial assignments to ensure the employer had updated information to work with.

Call In Reserve
Mainline and Rouge members, when you are on a Call In day, you are required contractually to call the night prior for your assignment, at the call in time, you will be awarded a pairing, a leave with pay until the next call in period, or be converted to ready reserve.  Please ensure you contact the Union if you have any questions or concerns.

Crew Changes on Through Flights
Did you know when there is a crew change on a through flight, only the inbound crew is entitled to post period ground duty for remaining onboard, this is as per Article 5.08.  Outbound crews should not be pressured to relieve the inbound crew earlier than their check in time.  We understand the challenges placed on our current operation and ask that the Service Director claim when entitled.

Metering Pay
Reminder to Service Directors, the Union is receiving many reports of ground claims not being put in.  If your flight is applicable to metering pay, please remember this is not automatic and you must go in and claim it for your crew.  If you need assistance on eClaim, please reach out to your Local Union office or your Manager for assistance.

In solidarity,


Bargaining Update #2 – Re-Opener 2022

Your Air Canada Component Executive met with the employer on August 22, 23 & 24, 2022 to continue discussions regarding the second bargaining re-opener in our current 10-year Collective Agreement.

Housekeeping Items
As promised, we are providing an update that involves what was discussed and where we are now.   The matters at hand on these dates were housekeeping items which are changes to the Collective Agreement that do not actually change the meaning or application of the language, but that fix typographical errors, or make the mutually agreed meaning clearer. This is helpful as the Collective Agreement is a document that evolves over time. It is important to fix these errors and ensure that it is clear to those who read it.

Notice Items
In addition to housekeeping items there were notice items presented to each party from the other. This is done when either party would like to change existing practices that do not align with the Collective Agreement and are inconsistent with the clear language of the Collective Agreement. Part of bargaining preparation includes a review of existing practices which are not consistent with the provisions of the Collective Agreement. If the Union or employer wish to change such practices, they would then put the other “on notice”. These items can be brought forward by the respective parties, and they would argue that the other is estopped from continuing the practice. Estoppel simply works on the principle of fairness. It isn’t fair for an employer to suddenly effect change when, through practice, words, or silence, they have led the Union to believe that a certain way of doing things will continue. There is a window of time during which the parties may serve notice that that they no longer intend to follow a practice which is not required or not consistent with the Collective Agreement. This window occurs at the time the parties are re-negotiating a Collective Agreement, as this gives the other party an opportunity to negotiate Collective Agreement provisions. There were notice items exchanged between the parties and discussion on these are continuing during our next bargaining session.

We will meet again with the employer on October 4, 5 & 6, 2022.

In solidarity,