LOU 51 – 767 Crew Seats January 2020 Block Month

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)
For the block month of January 2020, the following flights fall under LOU 51 and are scheduled for a B767 aircraft. They will have 2 (two) dedicated crew rest seats when operating on B767 non-crew bunk equipped aircraft:

 – AC825 AMS-YYZ

The following flights are not scheduled to operate with a B767 aircraft for the month of January 2020 but have in the past. If there is an aircraft substitution and they are scheduled with a B767 aircraft the provisions of LOU 51 would apply:

 – AC809 CMN-YUL

What if these flights operate on A330 or B777/787 aircrafts?
LOU 51 is specific to the 767 (non-crew bunk) aircraft, and not applicable to the A330 or B777/787.  The A330 aircraft has the comfort jumpseats, and the B777/787 has crew bunks that may be used for crew rest/break purposes. 

***Please note that TAP A330 aircraft are not equipped with high comfort jumpseats and curtains.  Crew may take their rest in “last sold seats” if available as per LOU 28.  The Component has filed a grievance on this matter, CHQ-19-34 (Click HERE to view the bulletin and click HERE to view the grievance)  If you do operate on a TAP A330, and are not afforded crew rest, please send in a copy of the PIL, showing loads, date, FIN and routing so we can forward it to the Component.

In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee

Crew Rest Flash Bulletin – December 2019 – LOU28 Bunk Kits

(This bulletin applies to Mainline Cabin Crew)

This bulletin is to remind crews of bunk kit provisioning/usage when operating B5 Overseas flights under LOU28.

  • Bunk kits are provisioned for flights scheduled or reforecasted on day of departure of 8:01hrs to 11:29hrs gate to gate flying time
  • Bunk kits are boarded in Canada (flights to Europe and South America) for the flight leg or legs that are 8:01hrs or greater.  Bunk kits are not provisioned at the layover station
  • Bunk kits for flights to Asia are boarded in Canada for the outbound flight, and boarded at the layover station for the return flight
  • Please note that the contents of each bunk kit is currently in dispute (policy grievance CHQ-18-10) and the matter will be proceeding to arbitration in the near future

For flights scheduled or reforecasted on day of departure of 7:01hrs to 8:00hrs gate to gate flying time, crew members may sleep on their break however bunk kits will not be provisioned.

The Crew Rest Committee would like to remind crews that when taking their rest in the OFAR, they be mindful to ensure enough clean/unused bunk kits are available for the crew operating the flight leg that is entitled to the use of the kits.
In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee

Crew Rest Committee Meet & Greet – YYZ

The members of the Crew Rest Committee will be holding a Meet and Greet this Saturday, September 14, 2019, from 08:00h to 14:00h in the YYZ Comm Centre. This will be an opportunity to speak to committee members and have all your crew rest questions and concerns answered.

In Solidarity,

Component Crew Rest Committee

Crew Rest Flash Bulletin – June 2019 – Long Range Flights

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only) This bulletin is to clarify a few rules applicable to long range flights,  namely Article B14, LOU18, LOU22A, and LOU22B. ● Once bidding is closed, the Company cannot for any reason change the designated article/LOU ● The designation of a pairing as B14, LOU18, LOU22A, or LOU22B is based […]

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Component Crew Rest Committee – LOU28 – June 2019

(This applies to AC Mainline only) In our May 2019 bulletin entitled “OFAR SD Bunk and Interphone”, we provided information regarding the new policy pertaining to the Service Director bunk when the OFAR is occupied.  If you missed that bulletin, please click HERE. In this bulletin we would like to focus on B5 overseas flights […]

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