Support for Iranian Women

These past few months have given rise to a very profound issue which is impacting women in Iran and around the world. There have been numerous protests which were triggered in mid-September by the death of a young Iranian Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini who was in the custody of the “morality police” for allegedly violating Iran’s strict rules requiring women to cover their hair with a hijab, or headscarf. The first protests took place after Mahsa Amini’s death. Women have been seen removing their headscarves in solidarity.

This protest and demonstrations are unprecedented and represent the most organized and long lasting that the country has seen. The most remarkable thing about them is that women and girls have taken a leading role. They do this despite incredible risk and endangerment to themselves and their families.

Each step that women take forward is a step forward for all women. The protests are now expanding. School girls have taken up the cause. There is no end it sight. Violence towards these protestors continues.

We write this bulletin to you today to ask that you show your support in small and in large ways. Educate your daughters, sisters, aunts, and mothers about what is going on. This is an historic moment in history. We honour and respect a woman’s right to choose for herself.  Let us not forget the sacrifices that many women continue to make around the world to have respect and to be treated as equals.  Get involved. Attend a protest near you.

In Solidarity,

Cassandra Shum
Chair, Component Women’s Committee

Book-off away from home base application to WIP

It has been confirmed that when a member books-off mid cycle and communicates with Med Aire all the information is shared with AC OHS clinics with the exception of testing or diagnostic documents which should be given to you, the member.

Members who have booked off away from base may request the copy of the Med Aire correspondence via their respective OHS clinic, (below).

This information may be used to assist with WIP applications if you are off for 7+ days. If you continue to be off upon your return to home base you should consult your personal physician. The information provided by Med Aire does not negate the requirement to complete the WIP application but may assist in the adjudication of your claim.

Members should email OHS to request the following information:

In the email subject line:
Request for Med Aire correspondence

Indicate that you are requesting all correspondence received from Med Aire.

Include the following information in your email and be sure to use your Air Canada employee account. Only.

· Your name and employee number
· Date of the book-off
· Reason for the book-off
· Whether or not a Physician was provided to you / date
· Clearance to travel provided/(date)

*The information will be provided by the OHS manager and sent to your AC work email address. OHS will not utilize another email nor send to a third party.

As a reminder, when applying for workers compensation you are required to simultaneously / also submit a WIP application.

If you are booking-off and it is workers compensation claim please indicate to Med Aire that it is a compensation claim. Questions regarding workers compensation should be directed to your Local office.







A reminder OCC HEALTH has regular hours of operation Monday – Friday and is closed on Stat holidays.

YYZ / YYC     



On Behalf of The Board of Trust,

Patricia Eberley
Chair/Administrative Consultant

Manion, Wilkins & Associates
Plan Administration
626-21 Four Seasons Place
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9B 0A6

Switchboard: 416-234-5044
Toll Free Line:  1-800-663-7849
Fax: 416-234-0127
Contact Centre: 1-866-532-8999

Support For Education Workers

Our Union sisters and brothers in CUPE’s Ontario School Boards Council of Unions (OSBCU) are having their right to bargain essentially removed by an unprecedented action of the Conservative government.  They have invoked the notwithstanding clause and are thereby overriding the protections of a fundamental right to bargain.  We ask that all our members stand in solidarity with those who are having their right to bargain stripped. We must remember that it is only a matter of time until we are able to bargain openly and our steadfast support of all workers in this position can only strengthen our collective resolve. We ask that you wear your CUPE pin to support and encourage the OSBCU in their fight. They are some of the lowest paid workers in the Education system and as we are acutely aware, the cost of living has skyrocketed.   In small ways we can slowly build momentum and show governments and corporations that it is they who are standing on our shoulders and should show gratitude and respect for our contributions.

In solidarity,

Reserve Committee Update – Autumn 2022

We have made it together through one of our peak travel seasons of the year with a brief pause before we enter another. In this time, we have onboarded several classes of brand-new Service Directors and an unparalleled eighth phase of new hire Flight Attendants in 2022 have come online this month – welcome one and all!

Next Reserve Seminar on Zoom
We are happy to announce that the next reserve seminar explaining the “how-to” of reserve and your contractual rights will be conducted on November 17, 2022 @ 10:00h Pacific Time / 13:00h Eastern Time via Zoom. The initial presentation will last approximately 60-80 minutes and then there will be an open question period at the end of the presentation for everyone’s mutual benefit. All members are welcome to attend. The meeting link is as follows:

No preregistration or passcode should be necessary in order to join the seminar, but please reach out if you have any difficulties accessing the room. We look forward to seeing you there.

Reserve Switches
As the number of newer reserves systemwide has increased there has been a parallel increase in questions concerning reserve switches, so we have outlined the essentials for you below.

Important Notes

  • All reserve switches are done through globe in your browser; when you’re at the main screen in globe after logging in hover your mouse cursor over Home and then click on Reserve Exchange in the submenu that appears
  • Next to Other cabin crew type the employee number of the person you wish to trade with; auto-populated suggestions indicating employee names, their employee numbers, and their base will appear as you type
  • Next to Give away these days indicate the days off that you wish to exchange with another reserve
  • Operate pairing(s) from First Name Last Name YYY AC123456 roster should be reconceptualized as Take Days from… instead; indicate the days off that you wish to receive from the other reserve member in exchange for the ones you are offering
  • Switches are of your days off, not your days on; all language in the Collective Agreement is centred around this principle

Switching Rules
These are reserve switch rules directly located in the Collective Agreement in B8.08 (Days Off – Exchange). We will break down each rule for your benefit:

“Requests for an exchange will provide for a minimum of five (5) days notice prior to the first day involved in the exchange. Approval for such request will be given with a minimum of delay.”

This is self-explanatory, but we will add that due to how late in the preceding month blocks are finalized and published to Netline this rule can be overlooked if you’re looking to make a switch involving the first day(s) of the reserve block month. You should submit the reserve switch request shortly after blocks are published to Netline to maximize your chance at getting it approved, assuming it is legal in all respects.

“The exchange will not result in less than three (3) consecutive duty days between any period of days off for either Reserve Blockholder. This restriction will not apply if the total days off involved in the exchange run consecutively.”

Stated more simply, after you make a switch your reserve duty day patterns need to be at least three days long or else the switch will be denied.

“The exchange will not result in either Reserve Blockholder being scheduled in excess of eight [8] consecutive duty days.”


“Days off may not be exchanged with duty days in order to move reserve duty days into a vacation period.”

This is stating that you can’t make an exchange involving vacation days.

“If the exchange involves one (1) day off only for each Reserve Blockholder, the day being exchanged must be moved so that it will be in conjunction with another period of days off in that block month.”

If you are attempting to switch one day off each then the day off that you both receive will need to be connected to an existing period of days off that you have elsewhere in your respective reserve block months.

“If any exchanged non-inviolate days off are moved to a position immediately prior to inviolate days off, the exchanged days off can be flown into. If any exchanged non-inviolate days off are moved to a position immediately following inviolate days off, the employee may be drafted on the exchanged days off.”

As an FYI, non-inviolate days off are RDOs and inviolate days off are GDOs. What this is saying in simpler terms is that RDOs you receive from another reserve via a switch will still function as RDOs even when they are placed just before a set of GDOs or just after a set of GDOs.

“Inviolate days off when moved or exchanged maintain the status of inviolate days off.”

In simpler terms, if you make a switch involving a GDO it will remain a GDO when it lands in the other reserve blockholder’s schedule, and vice versa if a GDO is exchanged to you. The same logic is extended to RDOs.

Reserve Releases Versus Personal Leaves of Absence (PLOAs)
Given that November 2022 is a junior vacation month we are seeing a tangible increase in inquiries involving requests for reserve duty days off, so it is prudent to understand the nuanced differences between what constitutes a paid release on reserve versus a Personal Leave of Absence (PLOA) in order to avoid any unforeseen pay reduction.

Call-In Reserve Release (B8.27.02)
This type of release is only granted when calling in to Crew Scheduling between 2000-2300 on the night prior to a Call-In Day. Please note that when you are given a reserve release on a Call-In Day this day comes at no cost, and you are paid for that day as if you were on call for the entire 24-hour period. If you have a subsequent Call-In Day you will need to call in between 2000-2300 concerning your assignment for that upcoming day.

Ready Reserve Release (B8.30.02)
This type of release is only granted when calling in to Crew Scheduling during a Ready Reserve Day. You are permitted to ask Crew Scheduling for a release for up to six (6) hours for personal reasons, and this type of release is granted based on operational requirements at the time of your call. This type of release comes at no cost, and you are still paid as if you were on call for the entire 24-hour period.

Personal Leaves of Absence (B8.12)
Nearly any other type of request for a release from one or more reserve duty days is considered a Personal Leave of Absence (PLOA). On a PLOA your Minimum Monthly Guarantee (MMG) is reduced by 2:25 for each requested day involved; note that when requesting a PLOA immediately prior to days off, it will extend through your days off until your next scheduled reserve duty day or until your first day of vacation.

RDO Premium Application
We’d like to briefly review the identified criteria for the RDO Premium from B8.06.01 in the Collective Agreement:

“In the event that a Reserve Blockholder is assigned a pairing that operates into a non-inviolate (RDO) day off s/he shall receive a premium of fifty (50%) percent on all flight time credits for flight/s operated on the affected days off with a minimum of four (4) hours pay per scheduled day off affected. This premium will be for pay purposes only. The RDO will be slid in accordance with B8.06 Note 2.”

In order to verify that the RDO premium has been applied, you can open up the crew list in globe for each affected flight, and next to Role you should see RDOM or RDOP written. If it is not, please call Crew Scheduling to address the discrepancy and have it added. It is a good practice to verify the application of the RDO Premium following the termination of the involved duty period(s). If you encounter any difficulties with this, please reach out to your local union officers for their assistance.

As always, if you have any suggestions for topics to address in future reserve committee updates or if you have any reserve-related questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to as needed.

Happy travels!

In solidarity,

Jesse Matthews
Chair, Component Reserve Committee