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Pre-payment of your WIP Contributions

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)

As a result of additional mitigation offerings, Members who wish to participate in the Continuation of Coverage During Absence From Work that exceeds sixteen (16) or more calendar days must pre-pay within 45 days from the commencement of  ANY Leave of Absence as follows:

Prepayments are to ensure your WIP coverage is in place once you RETURN to active work following any leave of absence. WIP Benefits are NOT payable while you are on the leave.

ACTIVE WORK, ACTIVELY AT WORK means the performance of the regular duties of your own occupation in accordance with the regular work schedule.

It does not include periods during which you are undergoing training mandated by the Ministry of Transport or the employer, or while on vacation, IMMS, or any other non-pre-paid form of leave.

Your coverage may be continued for a  maximum duration of up to six (6) months. Should you become disabled during the six-month period, you WILL NOT be eligible for benefit consideration unless you are recalled from layoff status.

Leave of absence granted Personal
Personal, educational, maternity, childcare, bereavement, or jury duty) other than inability to meet medical standards (IMMS), your coverage may be continued for a maximum duration of up to 24 months.

If you have elected to keep your coverage in force and you become totally disabled during the 24-month period, the elimination period will commence on the date you are scheduled to return to work.

1. Any member who is in receipt of Short Term WIP or Long Term WIP does not have to prepay.

2. Any member who is in receipt of Workers compensation does not have to prepay.

Your Cost
Please click HERE to view the attached generic calculation of prepayments.
Contact Centre and Payment Options
Manion’s contact centre number is 1-866-532-8999
– press 1 for Plan Members.
– press 5 for Coverage and Eligibility, you will then be connected to an agent.

If you have additional questions, please contact the undersigned.

If you have additional questions, please email Stephen Morash at

On Behalf of The Board of Trust,

Stephen Morash
Administrative Consultant

NOTE:  All Policy Booklet information can be accessed on the Air Canada Component of CUPE web site

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