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Reserve Committee Update – May 2018

Dear Members,
We would like to reach out to all our members on reserve, Mainline and Rouge, to welcome those of you that are new and remind those of you that have been on reserve for awhile that your Local and Component Committee is here to assist when you run into any issues that you are unsure of or would like clarification on.
Your Reserve Committee is available anytime you run into a reserve issue and we keep track of the issues to determine if a precedent is being set or if the issues you experience are isolated.
If you have any concerns, questions or if you are new to reserve and require a copy of the reserve handbook, please reach out. Our email is and we are available 24/7. All emails are copied to your Union Local to ensure they are also kept up to date, and if they need more information to assist in their case building, they will always get back to you.
We would like to remind all Reserve Blockholders that you are required to call Crew Scheduling to check out at the end of each duty period on every “call in” day. This process is required either when you complete airport standby on a call in day or if you complete a cycle at home base on a call in day.  Remember, if you are on a “reserve day” you are not required to call and check out.
As of late the company is again requesting members on airport standby to remain at a gate for the four hours. The company is permitted to request this of you, however should you require a bathroom break, or wish to grab food or refreshments, you are also entitled to do so.
When deadheading domestically, and whenever you deadhead in economy-class, you are not required to claim your expenses. Our contract ensures that expenses are paid out during all meal periods away from base. It is always good to verify all expenses are paid when you are on reserve, there is a tutorial of this available on the Component website or through your locals.
Again, we are here to assist you and provide answers to all your Reserve questions.
Please do not hesitate to reach out.
Wishing everyone great flying, welcome to those of you who are new, and look out for each other.
In solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
Chairperson, Reserve Committee