Uniform Committee

The Component Uniform Committee is comprised of a Component Uniform Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Local Uniform representatives from each base.  The Uniform Committee participates in all required meetings with the Company under the provisions of Article 7.03.01 of the Collective Agreement including the Company’s Uniform Design Working Committee and other such joint committees.

The Committee monitors and addresses with the Company all issues surrounding the flight attendant uniform’s colour, material and style (e.g. durability, wear-ability, safety, etc.).  Where necessary, health and safety issues related to the uniform are identified co-operatively with the Union’s Health & Safety representatives, and if necessary appropriate action and resolution are taken.

The Union’s Uniform and Health & Safety representatives work co-operatively to ensure that our members receive the best possible uniform meeting all appropriate safety standards. We are also there to help facilitate any issues members might have regarding the uniform, and to ensure it is maintained to the same specification that was agreed upon during negotiation.

Although it is almost impossible to please everyone, we are always available to assist with questions and problems that arise from time to time.

Committee members

We can be contacted at: Co-Chairs – Jennifer Agmon & Philippe Rosseau  uniform@accomponent.ca Local 4091 – Francis Cayer  aviation747@hotmail.com Local 4092 – George Barelos  georgejetz@hotmail.com – Nicole Proulx  nicolejproulx@yahoo.ca Local 4094 – Dorothy Stauffer  dorothystauffer@telus.net Local 4095 – Jeannine Gillis  jmgillis7@gmail.com