days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

As A Matter Of Fact – Tip Of The Week – Why Unions Matter

There are times when some may ask themselves what does my Union do and why does it even matter. What am I getting for my Union dues? The reality is that Unions matter very much.  In the past present and future your Union has fought and will fight for good salaries, pensions, and health care benefits to name just a few.  This gives everyone the economic security to live out their life’s dreams, to send kids to college or university, to invest in their communities and to have a secure retirement. Having a Union assures you of a voice and a seat at the table. In the absence of Unions, the world would be ruled by Corporations and they would continue to weaken the gains that have been made and they would do so unchecked. We encourage you to drop in and see your Union representatives to really see what they do and to create a personal connection. In the end, the Union is only as strong as the support it is given.

Happy New Year!

January usually brings with it a resolution to do, think or be better in some way. This is true for a commitment to health and wellness in the form of a diet and gym pass, or a promise to yourself to break a bad habit.

The Union and your Component Executive are no different. Our resolution is to keep building on the relationship with our members with continued mutual respect, hard work and communication.

We look forward to working in 2020 both for you and with you, and we hope that it is collectively a year of great successes.

Happy New Year!

Training Hotel – YUL Flow Through Update

We are updating the membership regarding our current Rouge flow through members being housed at the EVO Student Residence in Montreal during their training program. The Company finally decided to act on our concerns and these members will soon be moved to traditional / full-service hotel accommodation over the next few days.

This was a concerted team effort by the Local 4098 President, Hotel Committee chairs and our Component President to bring forward our strong opposition to the company and ensure that our CUPE members would not accept anything less than what is provided for as standard layover accommodation as per the language of the Collective Agreement.

When we were initially advised of the training accommodation, we immediately requested a full site inspection, prior to any members staying at the EVO.  The inspection took place on September 17, 2019. The CUPE Hotel Inspector attended the audit and reported back to the Team, with detailed notes related to the health, safety and security of the property. Together the team determined that the hotel was non-compliant with our standards and reported our concerns back to the company. We put the company on notice that we would not compromise our standards nor the safety and security of our members whether it be for training purposes or otherwise. Following the site inspection, the company sought concurrence from the Union of which it was subsequently denied. (Click HERE to view the denied Concurrence letter).

The Company chose to ignore our denial and continued with its plan to house our members in this accommodation. Following the denial, we continued to follow-up with our ongoing concerns. We remained unsatisfied and we proceeded, with the filing of a grievance on October 1, 2019 (Click HERE to view the grievance). The Hotel Committee continued to bring its concerns forward to Crew Administration, and we included Labour Relations.

When the Union raised our specific concerns, we were very clear that to continue to house our members at the EVO was not without risk to their health, safety, security and overall well-being while away from home base. Thanks to the efforts of many concerned parties and members we have been successful in convincing the company to re-locate the affected Rouge flow through members to a full-service Hotel property.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE

Robyn Sharpe
President, Local 4098

Melinda Allen & Alex Habib
Co-Chairs, Component Hotel Committee